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updated 22-Jan-16

This table provides details of (all ?) surviving Great Western Railway Coaches plus a number of vehicles built by British Railways to Great Western Railway designs. The first column gives the running number. The next column is the GWR Diagram Number for the design. Note that the table includes both passenger and non-passenger vehicles in the Coaching Stock Register. Next is the Lot Number under which the vehicle was ordered, and this is followed by the (approx) date of introduction into service, and the BR type designation. Under the description of the vehicle, capital letters are used to denote the telegraphic code name used by the GWR and BR(WR). The next column shows the current statys of the vehicle (OK= full running order, UR=under repair). This is followed by the current location of the vehicle (where known). The final column gives alternative numbers carried by the vehicle at some stage of its life. In many cases this is the number carried when transferred into Engineering Department stock.

There are undoubtedly some errors and ommissions in this list. Any help in correcting or updating this data would be greatly appreciated. Comments or corrections by email to: webmaster @
Special thanks to Dave Bowden in providing corrections to this list.

No Dia Lot Date   Type   Location    Alt No  
6824U293701884 Clerestory tri-composite (6-wheel)@GWS Didcot 
820U293701886 Clerestory tri-composite BIM Bristol 
841L124651889 Clerestory TPO Coach (body, ex BG) St Germans599, 2086
3846  1891 Brake Third (Taff Vale 220) GR Gwili 
416T495821891 Brake third (4-wheel)@GWS DidcotCC9940, DW419
6277S 1895 Brake Composite (Cambrian Rlys no 238) Nantgarw238, 40576, 80945
933K148831898 40' Brake Van@GWS Didcot 
9038J57871897 Clerestory Sleeper 1st(U/F ex 6912)--WSR Bishops Lydeard 
6008U4 1900 Composite (4-wheel) SDR Buckfastleigh747(1938), DW215(1946)
215U4 1900 Composite (4-wheel) Mess Van {813} SDR Buckfastleigh8, 6008, 747
6290U49901902 Composite (4-wheel) (Ex 290)@GWS Didcot 
975S99921902 Third (4-wheel)OKGWS Didcot 
1941C109621901 Third Clerestory@GWS Didcot 
1357C2210381903 Third Clerestory@GWS Didcot 
9520H1010101902 Composite Clerestory Diner (Ex 1580)--GWS Didcot 
7091F128901898 Tricomposite clerestory slip (body only)--Cornwall 
3299C2410981905 Third Dreadnought--GWS Didcot 
7538E8311381907 Toplight Brake tri-comp WallingfordDW150020
7545E8311381907 Toplight Brake tri-comp (KDW7545) SCR Swindon079076
3639C2811361908 Third Toplight (Now CC 9887)--WSR Mineheadcc9887
3668C2811531909 Third Toplight (Now CC 9888)--WSR Crowcombecc9888
9918C3011671910 Third Toplight SVR 
2370D4711801911 Toplight Brake Third (Tool Van ADW309 1955) LlynclysDW309
7740E8011711911 Composite Toplight (Now DW317)--WSR MineheadDW317
2426C3011671910 Third Toplight (Now 9918) SVRcc9918
2434C3011671910 Third Toplight (DW150038) BodminDW150038
2447C3111721911 Third Toplight (DW150019) LLR LlangollenDW150019
2573C3212341914 Third Toplight (Now CC 9879)--WSR Blue Anvhorcc9879
2578C3212341914 Third Toplight (Now CC 9889)--WSR Washford 
3917C3212461915 Third Toplight (Now CC 9883) LLR Llangollen 
3930C3212461915 Third Toplight (DW150011)--SVR 
3939C3212861915 Third Toplight (ltr 3631) (Now CC 9880) S Devon 
3950C3512561919 Third Toplight (Now 9876) Bodmin 
3951C3512561919 Third Toplight (Now 9875) Bodmin 
3963C3512561917 Third Toplight (Now CC 9885) Llangollen 
3885C3812691920 Third Toplight (Now CC 9882)--WSR Blue Anchor 
3898C3212691920 Third Tplinght (Now CC 9884) LLr Llangollen 
3950    Third Toplight (Now CC 9876) BWR Bodmin 
3951    Third Toplight (Now 9875) BWR Bodmin 
3980C3512561917 Third Toplight (Now CC 9881)--WSR Blue Anvhor 
185    28t Bogie Van GWR ToddingtonTAB975158
1145K3113011922 Brake VanOKSVR Arley 
1150K3113011922 Brake VanOKSVR Bewdley 
1159K3613441925 Brake Van (Ex D47 Bk3rd of 1911)--GWS Didcot 
3755D6212751921 Brake Third (M/L & City)OKGWS Didcot 
3756D6212751921 Brake Third (M/L & City)--GWS Didcot 
261K2212811922 Brake Van Toplight--PBR Blaenavon 
1399O1312991921 Brake Van (4-wheel)OKSVR Bewdley 
7976E11413231923 Brake Composite@GWS Didcot 
6515E12813501926 Brake Composite (57' BE) (now open third) BRM TyseleyDW150270
4546C5413521926 Third (57' BE)--SDRDW150205, 06093
4553C5413521925 Third (57' BE)OKGWS DidcotDW150207
4777C5413691926 Third BodminDW150206, 060907
4786C5413691926 Third (57' BE)--SVR KidderminsterDW150208
4872C5413721927 Third (57' BE) {813}--SVRDW150209
4886C5413741927 Third (57' BE) SVR (Scrapped)DW150201
4887C5413741927 Third (57' BE) ???????? SVR 
5043C5413831928 Third (57' BE)--SVRDW150301
5085C5413831928 Third (57' BE)--GWS DidcotDW150200
6045E13213821928 Composite (57' BE)--SVRDW150293
5539D10113921928 Brake Third (57' BE) SVR ???DW150328
5102D9513841928 Brake Thirs PitsfordDW150234
5131D9513841928 Brake Third BodminDW150246
5136D10413991929 Brake Third (57' BE) SVR (Scrapped)079144
5240D10414121929 Brake Third SVRDW150272
1184K4014131930 Brake Van (57' BE)--GWS Didcot 
5500D11714931934 Brake Third (Non corridor) Blaenavon071343
5539D10113921928 Brake Third (Non-corridor) SouthportDW150328!
5787D11614901933 Brake Third--GWS Didcot 
5796D116D1161933 Brake Third SVR (Scrapped) 
6912E14815081934 Brake composite SVR (Scrapped)079133
6913E14815081934 Brake CompositeOKSVR 079134 [99240]
111K4115121934 Brake Van--GWS Didcot 
5804D11815101934 Brake Third Plym ValleyDW150304
5883D11815141934 Brake ThirdOKSVR 
5813C6715091934 Third (DW150030)--DFRDW150324
5848C6715091934 Third (DW150324)--DFRDW150029
5856C6715091934 Third TinternDW150031
5863C6715091934 Third (DW150325)--DFRDW150325
5929C6715271935 Third (DW150029)--DFRDW150030
5952C6715271935 ThirdOKGWS Didcot 
1285C7415751937 Open Excursion Third DVR 
1289C7415751937 Open Excursion ThirdOKGWS Didcot 
1295C7415751937 Open Excursion Third DVR 
1086C7715931938 ThirdOKSVR  
1087C7715931938 ThirdOKSVR  
1111C7715931938 ThirdOKGWS Didcot 
1116C7715931938 ThirdOKSVR  
1146C7715931938 Third (813)OKSVR  
536C7716231940 ThirdOKGWS Didcot 
1595    Brake Third (Waterman 93) 1593 ? 
1645D12715941938 Brake ThirdOKSDR Buckfastleigh 
1649D12715941938 Brake Third LLR Llangollen 
650D13016441940 Open brake Third--SVR Foley Park 
6562E15915901938 Brake CompositeOKSVR [99238]
6705E15915891938 Brake composite Vermont 
7362E15916401941 Brake composite Blunsdon 
7371E15916401941 Brake CompositeOKGWS Didcot 
7313E15816211940 CompositeOKGWS Didcot 
7284E16216391941 CompositeOKSVR  
7285E16216391941 Composite (Mess coach)OKGWS Didcot 
64K4416671941BGBrake Van--BRC Quainton Rd 
98K4216651945BGBrake Van {813}OKSVR Kidderminster 
796C8216911947TKThird (Hawksworth) Converted 1961 to dynamometer car 4OKCarnforth4, 99140, DW150192
829C8216911947TKThird (Hawksworth)OKSVR  
2119C8217201948TKThird (Hawksworth)OKSVR Kidderminster 
7372E16416901948BCKBrake Composite (Hawksworth)OKGWS Didcot 
7377E16416901948BCKBrake Composite (Hawksworth)OKSDR Buckfastleigh 
2148D13317321950BTKBrake Third (Hawksworth)--SVR Kidderminster Scrapped ?DW150403
2180D13317301950BTKBrake Third (Hawksworth)--SDR BuckfastleighDW150405
2202D13317321950BTKBrake Third (Hawksworth)OKGWS Didcot 
2214D13317321950BTKBrake Third (Hawksworth)--SVR (Scrapped ?)DW150393
2216D13317321950BTKBrake Third (Hawksworth)--LLR LlangollenDW150402
2218D13317321950BTKBrake Third (Hawksworth)--SVR KiderminsterDW150400
2225D13317321950BTKBrake Third (Hawksworth) WallingfordDW150392
2232D13317321950BTKBrake Third (Hawksworth)--GWR ToddingtonDW150397
2233D13317321950BTKBrake Third (Hawksworth) SVRDW150401
2242D13317421950BTKBrake Third (Hawksworth) BRC Quainton RdDW150391
2249D13317441950BTKBrake Third (Hawksworth) (scrapped)DW150407
276K4216651945BGBrake Van (Hawksworth) SDR BuckfastleighDB975640
295K4517221949BGBrake Van (Hawksworth) SR Carnforth 
297K4517221949BGBrake Van (Hawksworth) PitsfordDW150354
316K4517401950BGBrake Van (Hawksworth) GWS Didcot 
333K4617521951BGBrake Van (Hawksworth)--SVR Kidderminster 
334K4617521951BGBrake Van (Hawksworth) Brightlingsea 
9580H3313491925RCOComposite Restaurant Car E LancsDW150266
9605H3814511930RCComposite Diner NRM YorkDW150330
9615H3914681932RFFirst Dining-Kitchen CarOKSVR DW150336
9627H4014691932RTOThird Dining CarUR SVR UR-4/89079112
9631H4115181934RBBuffet Bar Car (NRM)OKSVR  
9635H4315401935RFKitchen-First Dining Car (Centnry)OKGWS Didcot 
9653H5113591938RTOThird Dining Car (ex Artic H32)OKSVR  
9654H5113591938RTOThird Dining Car (ex Artic H32)OKSVR  
9082J1817021951SLFFirst Sleeping CarOKSVR Bewdley 
9083J1817021951SLFFirst Sleeping Car--GWS Didcot 
9084J1817021951SLFFirst Sleeping CarOKSVR Bewdley 
9085J1817021951SLFFirst Sleeping CarOKSVR Arley 
814L2316661940 TPO Sorting VanOKGWS Didcot 
9317G207401894 Family Saloon--GWS Didcot2511
248G22411881 Brake First Open SaloonOKBWR Bodmin9044, 80973
249G37451894 Directors Saloon (C'tory)OKSDR Buckfastleight9045
231G318041896 Family Saloon (C'tory)OKBlaenavon9055, ltr 80971
233G48041897 Royal Saloon (C'tory)OKSteam Swindon9002
234G48041897 Royal Saloon (C'tory)OKSteam, Swindon9003
790Q20W2931900 Dynamometer Car C'toryOKSDR Buckfastleighlt W7
6479Q111701910 Inspection Saloon (ex MMR 14)OKSDR Buckfastleighltr 80977
9055G4312091912 Saloon (Maroon livery)OKSVR  
9369G5612501923BTONondescript SaloonOKSVR  
9103G5814001929 Saloonur SVR UR-4/89 
9111G6014711932RFOSuper Saloon King GeorgeOKSDR Buckfastleigh 
9112G6014711932RFOSuper Saloon Queen MaryOKGWS Didcot 
9113G6114711932RFOSuper Saloon Prince of WalesOKGWS Didcot 
9116G6114711932RFOSuper Saloon Duchess of YorkOKDVR Paignton 
9118H4614711932RFDiner Saloon Princess ElizabethOKGWS Didcot 
9004G5914311930BFOSpecial Saloon (BE) Carnforth 
9005G5914311930BFOBrake First Saloon (BE)--Torquay 
9001G6216261940SpcSpecial Saloon (12-wheel)OKBRM Tyseley 
9002G6216261940SpcSpecial Saloon (12-wheel)--GWS Didcot 
9006G6416731945SpcSpecial Saloon NRM 
9007G6516731945SpcSpecial Saloon NRM 
80943Q1317011948 Inspection SaloonOKDFR 
80969Q1317011940 Inspection SaloonOKSVR  
80970Q1317011948 Inspection Saloon NRM 
80972Q1317011948 Inspection Saloon (Shrewsbury)OKSVR 
80974Q1317011948 Inspection Saloon NYMR 
80975Q1317011948 Inspection Saloon WSR 
80976Q1317011948 Inspection Saloon Rowden Mill 
38N11261907DTTAuto Trailer Telford 
92U11981912DTTAuto Trailer--GWS Didcot 
163A2713941928DTTAuto Trailer Oswestry 
167A2713941929DTTAuto Trailer DFR Norchard 
169A2713941929DTTAuto Trailer--WSR Williton 
174A2814101930DTTAuto Trailer Swindon&Cricklade 
178A2814101930DTTAuto TrailerOKWSR Minehead 
190A3014801933DTTAuto Trailer--GWS Didcot 
212A2615421936DTTAuto Trailer (Ex Motor 93 1908)OKGWS Didcot 
225A3817361951DTTAuto Trailer SDR Buckfastleigh 
228A3817361951DTTAuto TrailerOKSDR Buckfastleigh 
231A3817361951DTTAuto TrailerOKGWS Didcot 
232A3817361951DTTAuto TrailerOKBWR Bodmin 
238A4317661954DTTAuto TrailerOKDVR Paignton 
240A4317661954DTTAuto Trailer SDR Buckfastleigh 
4V15221934 Diesel Rail Car NRM York 
20  1940 Diesel Rail Car KSR 
22A116351940 Diesel Rail CarOKGWS Didcot 
709N1615771937HBYHorse Box GWSR ToddingtonADW150424
484P1812231911PMVGCCT MONSTER--GWS Didcot 
485P1812231913PMVGCCT MONSTER Port Talbot 
565P1912381919PMVGCCT PYTHON GWS DidcotDW150265
594P1812651920PMVGCCT MONSTER (GIANT ?) SDR Totnes (813)DW975789
600P2417691954PMVGCCT MONSTER GWSR Toddington 
1257O1113781927PMVGSiphon G (O/Frame)OKSVR Arley079060
1199O2213961928PMVGSiphon G BlunsdonDW150322
2775O3315781936PMVGSiphon G NRM ShildonDW150028
2790O3315781936PMVGSiphon GOKDean Forest NorchardTDW150027
2796O3315781937PMVGSiphon GOKGWS Didcot 
2926O3316511940PMVGSiphon GOKSVR Highley 
2943O3316641944PMVGSiphon G Long MarstonDB975841
2980O5916641945PMVGSiphon G--WSR (813) 
2983O5916641945PMVGSiphon G ToddingtonDB975783
2988O3316441945PMVGSiphon G DFR Parkend (813)ADB975789
2994O3316641945PMVGSiphon G Bodmin 
1316O6217211950PMVGSiphon G Bodmin 
1009O6217511951PMVGSiphon G Pitsford 
1019O6217511951PMVGSiphon G LLR Llangollen 
1025O6217511951PMVGSiphon G GCR RuddingtonDB975832
1037O6217681955PMVGSiphon G BRC Quainton Rd 
1043O6217681955PMVGSiphon G Wallingford 
1046O6217681955PMVGSiphon G--WSR  
1047O6217681955PMVGSiphon G Blunsdon 
1399O1312991921 Milk Brake Van Severn Valley Rly >079062
1985O5516981946 Milk Tank (Aplin & Barrett) GWSR Toddington041960 
2009O4413871936 Milk Tank (United Dairies) (ex 4-Wheel Dia O23) Mangapps041988
2016O4514701947 Milk Tank (United Dairies) (ex 4-Wheel Dia O34) South Devon Rly041357
2501O3714851932ROTANKMilk Tanker wagon (for road tank) now crane runner Severn Valley Rly (813)ADW150142
2504O3814861932 Milk Tank (United Dairies) Severn Valley Rly (813)061067
2506O3814861932 Milk Tank (United Dairies) Bodmin041358
2536O3915171934 Milk Tank (United Dairies) Quainton Road 
2835O5116191938 Milk Tank (Ciieswold Dairies) GWSR Toddington 
3018O5717001946 Milk Tank (United Dairies) WSR (813)041356
3030O5817151947ROTANKMilk Tanker wagon (for road tank) GWS Didcot 
3035O5717161946 Milk Tank (United Creameries) ESR CranmoreDW3035
3037O5717161946 Milk Tank (United Dairies) SDR Staverton 
3043O5717161946 Milk Tank (Express Dairies) GWSR Toddington 
3052O5717161946 Milk Tank (United Dairies) Carnforth 
3176O6417591950 Milk Tank (Express Dairies) Rutland 
3182O5617601952 Milk Tank (Express Dairies) NYMR041888
2115 S812591919FVYFish Van BLOATER QuaintonDW150011
2135 S812591919FVYFish Van BLOATER CynheidreDW150295
2240 S912711921FVYFish Van BLOATER FencoteDW150210
2617 S913071922FVYFish Van BLOATER TinternDW150267
2625 S913071922FVYFish Van BLOATER ?DW150236
2660S1013561925FVYFish Van BLOATER ?DW150169
2661S1013561926FVYFish Van BLOATER SwanageDW150289
2671S1013561925FVYFish Van BLOATER GWS Didcot (813)DW150160
2740S1113811928FVYFish Van BLOATER Tanfield RlyDW150352
2303Y2230 1898PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-A SVRDW150063
2424Y3668 1912PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-C SVRDB975291
2819Y916061937PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-C Rowden MillDW150343
2823Y916061937PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-C WSRDW150346
2826Y916061937PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-C BristolDW150312
2851Y916341938PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-C BlunsdonDW150309
2862Y916341938PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-C GWS DidcotDW150356
2869Y916491939PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-D GWR ToddingtonDB975166
2876Y1116491939PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-D GWR ToddingtonDW150357 070844
2887Y1116491939PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-D Swindon 
2902Y1116491940PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-D Norchard 
2910Y1116491941PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-D WSR 
2913Y1116491941PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-D Swanage 
3403Y1117231950PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-D Caerphilly 
3411Y1117231950PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-D Norchard 
3429Y1117xx1950PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-D SVR 
3436Y1117xx1950PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-D WallingfordDB975300
2336Y1417651952PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-D BRM Tyseley 
2342 ?Y1417651952PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-D BRM Tyseley 
2391Y1417651952PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-D SCR Blunsdon 
3450Y1417711955PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-D MoneheadDB975212
3461Y1417801955PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-D LlangollenDB975177
3462Y1417801955PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-D BlunsdonDB975265
3465Y1417801955PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-D GWR ToddingtonDB975411
3467Y1417801955PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-D SVR 
92004805303451957PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-D Cornwall 
92034805303451957PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-D Tanfield Rly 
92035805303831958PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-D SDR 
92067805303831958PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-D SDR 
92069805303831958PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-D ESR CranmoreDB975383
92076805303831958PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-D BRM Tyseley 
92080805303831958PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-D SVR 
92090805303831958PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-D SVR 
92091805303831958PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-D SDR 
92097805303831958PMVYFruit Van FRUIT-D NNR 

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