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Preserved GWR Wagons

updated 22-Jul-05

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This table provides details of (all ?) surviving Great Western Railway Wagons plus a number of wagons built by British Railways to Great Western Railway designs. The first column gives the number with the current prefix where known. The second column gives alternative numbers carried by the vehicle at some stage of its life. In most cases this is the number carried when transferred into Engineering Department stock. The third column is the GWR Diagram Number for the design. Note that in a few cases (eg Milk Tanks), the vehicle diagrams are from the separate coaching stock diagram series denoted by the c- prefix. The next column is the Lot Number under which the vehicle was ordered, and this is followed by the (approx) date of introduction into service. Under the description of the vehicle, capital letters are used to denote the telegraphic code name used by the GWR and BR(WR). The final column shows the current location of the vehicle (where known). Wagons are listed in numerical order, except that (most) brake vans are in a single group (appropriately !) tagged on at the end of the table.

There are undoubtedly some errors and ommissions in this list. Any help in correcting or updating this data would be greatly appreciated. Comments or corrections by email to: webmaster @

A special thanks to the many people who have already contributed corrections and additional information for this list.

No    Alt No   Dia Lot no Date Type Location
DW 1     Tool vanGWS, Didcot
DW 2ADW 150434L11 1908 Match WagonEast Somerset Rly
DW 2no 2  1908 36t Ransomes & Rapier Steam CraneEast Somerset Rly
DW 4     Tool vanSwindon & Cricklade
DW 9  6951912 Riding Van (ex Fishguard)Severn Valley Rly
DW 18     45t Ransomes & Rapier Steam CraneCarnforth
DW 19   1945 45t Ransomes & Rapier Steam CraneBream
DW 19ADW 150445    Match wagonLlangollen Rly
DW 38     Match wagonex Llangollen Rly, currently ?
DW 39     Match wagonex Llangollen Rly, currently ?
DW 47  5801908 Riding VanGWS, Didcot
DW 55  5711908 Riding vanSevern Valley Rly (813)
DW 56  571 ?1908 ? Riding VanGWS, Didcot
DW 66  8461921 Tool VanSevern Valley Rly (813)
DW 89  5801908 Riding Van (ex Trowbridge/Westbury)Severn Valley Rly
GW 92   1922 Tool vanBluebell
DW 101     Water tankGWS, Didcot
DW 102 DD6 1946 Water tankWest Somerset Rly (813)
DW 109     Tool vanGWS, Didcot
DW 112     Tool vanSevern Valley Rly
DW 118     Riding vanSevern Valley Rly
GW 135  5791908 Tool vanGWS, Didcot
DW 141  5791908 Tool vanSevern Valley Rly
DW 143     Tool vanSevern Valley Rly
DW 146  5791908 Tool vanSouth Devon Rly
DW 161     Tool vanDean Forest
DW 162     Riding VanSevern Valley Rly
DW 166     ??
DW 174     Riding & Tool vanTyseley
GW 205     Match wagonGWS, Didcot
DW 262     Tool vanDean Forest Rly
GW 263W 56867    12t S & T vanGWS, Didcot
? DW 264   1908 3t hand craneWest Somerset Rly (813)
DW 340ADW 150463    Match wagon for crane ADW340Dean Forest Rly
ADW 438     CraneBRM Tyseley
446   1896 6t hand craneSevern Valley Rly (813)
DW541ADW150470  1911 Crane match wagon (for 264)(ex 32782 Timber Truck of 1884)West Somerset Rly (813)
601   1892 1.5t Hand crane (rblt in 1892 from Broad Gauge crane 6685)Severn Valley Rly (813)
603   1892 1.5t hand cranePlymouth (813)
603DW 150473  1918 Crane match wagon (ex 32567 Timber truck of 1883)Plymouth (813)
W 709ADW 150424N16   HorseboxGlos Warks Rly, Toddington
W 752     6 wheel vanGWS, Didcot
W 1399079062c-O1312991921 Milk Brake VanSevern Valley Rly
W 1985 c-O5516981946 Milk Tank (Aplin & Barrett)GWR Toddington
W 2009 c-O4413871936 Milk Tank (United Dairies) (ex 4-Wheel Dia O23)Mangapps
W 2016041988c-O4514701947 Milk Tank (United Dairies) (ex 4-Wheel Dia O34)South Devon Rly
W 2115DW 150111S812591919 10t Fish Van BLOATERQuainton Road
2240DW 150210S?   10t Fish Van BLOATERSwindon & Cricklade
W 2303DW 150063  1898 FRUITSevern Valley Rly
W 2342     10t Fruit Van FRUIT-DBRM Tyseley
W 2424KDB 975291Y36681912 Fruut Van FRUIT-CSevern Valley Rly (813)
W 2504 c-O3814861932 Milk Tank (United Dairies)Severn Valley Rly
W 2506 c-O3814861932 Milk Tank (United Dairies)Ferme Park
W 2536 c-O3915171934 Milk Tank (United Dairies)Quainton Road
W 2625DW 150236S913071923 10t Fish Van BLOATERLlangollen Rly
W 2660DW 150169S1013561925 10t Fish Van BLOATERLlangollen Rly
W 2661DW 150289S1013561925 Tool van ex bloaterWest Somerset Rly
GW 2671DW 150160S8   10t Fish Van BLOATERGWS, Didcot
W 2823150346c-Y916061937 10t Fruit Van FRUIT-CWest Somerset Rly
W 2835 c-O5116191938 Milk Tank (United Dairies)GWR Toddington
W 2851 c-Y916341938 10t Fruit Van FRUIT-CSwindon & Cricklade
W 2876     10t Fruit Van FRUIT-DGWR Toddington
W 2910ADW 150319c-Y1116491941 10t PW van ex FRUIT-DWest Somerset Rly
W 2913 c-Y1116491941 10t Fruit Van FRUIT-DSwanage Rly
W 3018 c-O5717001946 6-wheel milk Tank (United Dairies)WSR (813)
W 3030 c-O4917151947 6 wheel road tanker wagon ROTANKGWS, Didcot
W 3035DW3035c-O5717161946 6-wheel milk Tank (United Dairies)ESR Cranmore
W 3037 c-O5717161946 6-wheel milk Tank (United Dairies)SDR Staverton
DW 3043 c-O5717161946 6-wheel Milk Tank (United Dairies)GWR Toddington
W 3052 c-O5717161946 6-wheel Milk Tank (United Dairies)Carnforth
W 3176 c-O6417591950 6-wheel milk Tank (Express Dairies) (chassis only)Rutland
W 3192 c-O5617601952 6-wheel milk Tank (Express Dairies) (later Severn Tunnel Emergency Vehicle)NYMR
W 3429   1950 10t Fruit Van FRUIT-DSevern Valley Rly
W 3450975212c-Y1417711955 10t Fruit Van FRUIT-DWest Somerset Rly
W 3461TDB 975177c-Y11 1955 10t Fruit Van FRUIT-DTyseley
W 3462     10t Fruit Van FRUIT-DSwindon & Cricklade
W 3465DB 975382c-Y11 1955 10t Fruit Van FRUIT-DLlangollen
W 3467   1955 10t Fruit Van FRUIT-DSevern Valley Rly
W 5575     Banana VanSouth Devon Rly
GW 10931 O14 1912 10t Open Wagon OPEN-AAvon Valley Rly, Bitton (813)
W 11152 V69111924 10t Van Iron MINKGWS, Didcot (grounded ?)
W 11451064547V54181901 10t VanWest Somerset Rly
W 13154 O11 ? 1912 10t Open Wagon OPEN-ASevern Valley Rly (813)
DW 14111 O11 ?   10t 5pl Open Wagon OPEN-ADean Forest Rly Lydney
W 14353 P14L7121913 10t Ballast Wagon Pontypool & Blaenavon Rly
W 14428 T10 1921 14t Signal Open (2pl)Severn Valley Rly (813)
W 14984 CC3 1902 6 wheel tool vanBirmingham Railway Museum
W 16295 V7   10t Van MINK-C ?? ex Bulmers, Hereford
GW 16307 V12 1907 10t Van MINK-AWest Somerset Rly (813)
W 19818O11 ?O146321911 10t 5pl Open Wagon OPEN-AGWS, Didcot (813)
W 19933     MICA-BGWS, Didcot
GW 20333     13t WagonRutland Rly Museuum
W 24203 O11   10t 5pl Open Wagon OPEN-AGWS, Didcot
W 25190 O4 1904 10t Open Wagon 5pl OPEN-ASevern Valley Rly (813)
GW 26919KDW 80964    10t Van MINK-ASouthall
DW 28709 V95101906 ? Mess Van (ex MINK-D)Pontypool & Blaenavon
W 28833ADW 204V116601906 10t Van (MINK-D)Llangollen
DW 29412     Tool VanLlangollen Rly
DW 30500 P2014331942 10t Ballast WagonLlangollen
DW 30903 P1813841941 10t Ballast WagonSevern Valley Rly (813)
GW 32337 J9?1890 Single bolsterGWS, Didcot (813)
GW 32338 J9?1890 Single BolsterGWS, Didcot (813)
W 32742 J211273  30t Bogie Bolster MACAW-BWest Somerset Rly (813)
W 32822 J211273  30t Bogie Bolster MACAW-BWest Somerset Rly (813)
?     30t Bogie Bolster MACAW-BLlangollen Rly
W 37449 V6   10t Van Iron MINKKent & East Sussex Rly
W 39860 H312761935 12t Flat Wagon CONFLATSevern Valley Rly (813)
DW 40350     10t steel Ballast WagonGlos Warks Rly
W 40362     10t Van? ex Bulmers
GW 40554 T22451899 Sleeper wagonSevern Valley Rly
GW 40841 P5 1891 8t Ballast wagonSevern Valley Rly (813)
DW 41152 M514201940 Shunting TruckDean Forest Rly
GW 41277(O21 ?)O5 ? 1890 10t 4pl Open wagonSevern Valley Rly (813)
GW 41723 D2583190? 12t Glass well wagon CORAL-AGWS, Didcot (813)
W 41736 M37471913 Shunting truck CHARIOTSevern Valley Rly (813)
GW 41873 M11101896 Shunting truckSouth Devon Rly
W 41934 C125941909 25t Trolley wagon CROCODILE-FGWS, Didcot Dicot
      Trolley Wagon CROCODILELangollen Rly
W 42138 G185841907 15t Well Wagon LORIOT-DSevern Valley Rly (813)
DW 42155 G185841907 15t Well Wagon LORIOT-DGwili Rly
W 42193 G227451913 15t Well wagon HYDRA-DNRM at Didcot
ADW 42194 G227451913 15t Well Wagon HYDRA-DTyseley
W 42223 V20 ?1006  10t van (20t grain ?)South Devon Rly
ADW 42231 V20   Crane runner (ex 10t van)Swindon&Cricklade Rly
GW 42239 V2010061929 10t Van (hopper grain)GWS, Didcot (813)
DW 42271 G1311421934 15t Well wagon LORIOT-LGWS, Didcot
DW 42272 G1311421934 15t Well wagon LORIOT-LSevern Valley Rly (813)
GW 42343 G4014471944 20t Well wagon LORIOT-NSevern Valley Rly
W 42367 G4214481943 20t Well Wagon LORIOT-PNational Railway Museum, York
ADW 43949061041c-O?   Tank Wagon? ex Bulmers Hereford
DW 43958 M1246? Shunters truckTyseley
W 47886 Y2638? 6t Van FRUIT-AGWS, Didcot, Didcot
W 48339   1940 Tar WagonPitsford
GW 52137 O216351892 10t 4pl Open Wagon (813)Evesham
GW 52243 O216401892 10t 4pl Open Wagon (813)Evesham
GW 57009 V6   10t Van Gunpowder vanSwindon & Cricklade Rly
?PBA 58903O5 ?   6pl wagonGwili Rly
W 58725204988V6 1899 10t Van Iron MINK gpowderSevern Valley Rly (813)
W 59119079041V6   10t Van Iron MINKSouth Devon Rly
? W 59246PBA 59246?   7pl wagonGwili Rly
GW 60286 P7?1893 12t Hopper ballast wagonSwanage Rly
GW 60501 P22611899 14t Ballast wagonPontypool & Blaenavon Rly
GW 60562DW 150262P22611899 14t Ballast wagonAvon Valley Rly, Bitton (813)
W 60828 J2612141935 40t Bogie Bolster GANE-ADean Forest Rly (813)
W 60841 J2612141935 40T Bogie Bolster GANE-ASevern Valley Rly
DW 60861     40T Bogie Bolster GANE-ASouthall
GW 60906 P147931910 10t Ballast wagonSevern Valley Rly (813)
W 60911 ?   10t wagonTyseley
DW 60923 ?   10t wagonDean Forest Rly
DW 60933070055?   10t wagonCholsey & Wallingford
GW 61002 ?   10t wagonSwanage (PBA 61002 ?)
GW 63066 N3414801944 20t Loco coal wagonGWS, Didcot
W 65620 V3614671947 12t Ventilated van VANFITSevern Valley Rly (813)
W 65801 G4315561947 12t Motor car van MOGOSevern Valley Rly (813)
W 65807 G4315561947 12t Motor car van MOGOPontypool & Blaenavon Rly
W 65814 G4315561946 12t Motor car van MOGONRM at Bristol Ind Museum
DW 70335 J281372? 30t Bogie Bolster MACAW-BGWS, Didcot
GW 72599 ?   3pl Open WagonSwindon & Cricklade
GW 75745 O43901902 10t 5pl Open Wagon (rebuilt 1936) (813)Evesham
W 77306 O3   10t 5pl Open Wagon OPEN-ANYMR
DW 79412 ?   ?ex Loughborough, currently ?
W 79636 X5684  6t Meat Van MICA-BDean Forest Rly
W 79740 X4 ?   6t Meat Van MICA-BSouth Devon Rly
W 79933 V326681938 TEVAN (ex X7 MICA-B)GWS, Didcot
W 79933 X7890  6t Meat Van MICA-BGWS, Didcot
W 80005DW 150260P15?1935 10t Ballast WagonFawley Museum
W 80225 P15?1937 10t Ballast WagonSevern Valley Rly
W 80232 P15?1935 10t Ballast Wagon STARFISHDean Forest Rly
DW 80603 P15?1935 10t Ballast WagonSevern Valley Rly
W 80637DW80637P1512151935 10t Ballast wagon STARFISHESR Cranmore
DW 80646 P1512151935 10t Ballast WagonDean Forest Rly (813)
W 80659 P1512151935 10t Ballast WagonNRM
W 80662 P1512151935 10t Ballast WagonGWS, Didcot
W 80668 P1512151935 10t Ballast WagonGWS, Didcot
W 80669060968P1512151936 10t Ballast WagonWest Somerset (813)
DW 80677 P1512151935 10t Ballast WagonBIM
GW 80684 P1512151937 10t Ballast WagonSevern Valley Rly (813)
W 80788 P1712431937 20t Ballast WagonGWS, Didcot
DW 80982 CC77671913 S&T Tool VanSevern Valley Rly (813)
DW 80990 DD36331910 Creosote TankSevern Valley Rly (813)
W 82442 V12?  10t Van MINK-ADean Forest Rly (grounded)
W 82554DW 80982Y55761912 Banana Van FRUIT-B (ex V12 MINK)Severn Valley Rly (813)
DW 82917 V126251909 10t Van MINK (Now Pooley workshop Van)GWS Didcot
W 83831 N2710841931 20t Loco coal wagonSevern Valley Rly (813)
GW 84685 J218381918 30t Bogie Bolster MACAW-BWest Somerset (813)
GW 84762 J21   30t Bogie Bolster MACAW-BSRPS Boness
GW 84997 A106081908 2x30t Girder Artic Unit (POLLEN-E)NRM - GWS, Didcot (with 85000)
GW 84998 A96081908 2x30t Girder Artic Unit (POLLEN-E)NRM - GWS, Didcot (with 84999)
GW 84999 A96081908 2x30t Girder Artic Unit (POLLEN-E)NRM - GWS, Didcot (with 84998)
GW 85000 A106081908 2x30t Girder Artic Unit (POLLEN-E)NRM - GWS, Didcot (with 84997)
GW 85112MOD 30418    10t VanKeith&Dufftown Rly
GW 85121MOD ?    10t VanSwansea Vale Rly
GW 85146RNAD 402    10t VanBluebell
GW 85163RNAD 400    10t VanBluebell
GW 85189MOD ?    10t VanSwansea Vale Rly
GW 85192MOD ?    10t VanSwansea Vale
GW 85321024193V12 1909 10t Van MINK-ALlangollen Rly
GW 85326MOD 30452  1940 10t VanPeak Rail
GW 85333RNAD 396    12t VanCholsey & Wallingford
GW 85336MOD 30420  1940 10t VanKeith & Dufftown Rly
GW 86582 O116981912 Open Wagon (5pl) OPEN-ABitton (813)
GW 87782PBA 59627O11   10t 5pl Open Wagon OPEN-ABluebell Rly
W 92076     FRUIT-D 
W 92080   1955 FRUIT-DSevern Valley Rly
W 92090   1955 FRUIT-DSevern Valley Rly
GW 92636PBA61050O137711913 12t 5pl Open Wagon China ClayFawley Hill Rly
GW 92943 O137501913 12t 5pl Open Wagon China ClayGWS, Didcot
GW 92977 O13   12t Open Wagon C/clayKWVR
DW 93016 V1617421914 10t Ventilated Van MINK-ASevern Valley Rly (813)
W 93045064722V16742  10t Van MINK-AGloucester Docks Museum
W 93480 ?   10t Open WagonSevern Valley Rly
W 94059 O137771913 5pl Open Wagon C/ClaySevern Valley Rly (813)
W 94835 O198441920 4pl Open Wagon OPEN-CGWS, Didcot
W 94845 O198441920 4pl Open Wagon OPEN-CNLR Pisford
GW 94864 O19 1922 4pl Open Wagon TUBE-CLlangollen Rly
W 94988 ? 1914 Shunters TruckSteam Swindon
GW 95156 V16?  10t Van MINK-ASwanesa Vale
GW 95166 V16?  10t Van MINK-AGt Yorks Rly
W 95353 V16?  10t Van MINK-ARutland Rly Museum
W 95750 V16?  10t Van MINK-A? ex Bulmers Hereford
GW 95861 V16?? 10t Van MINK-ABeamish
GW 95979 Y4?  10t Van FRUIT-BSouth Devon Rly
GW 96283080725V168511919 10t Van MINK-AFawley Hill Rly
GW 96302 V16?1921 10t Van MINK-AGwili
W 96835 V168731920 12t Van MINK-ASouth Devon Rly
W 96845 V1610061960 Shunters Truck (ex V16 MINK-A)Fawley Hill Rly
W 96895 V168731921 12t Van MINK-AFawley Hill Rly
W 97286? O18?1918 10t 5pl Open WagonSwanage Rly (Fictional no)
W 97398 O188571921 10t 5pl Open Wagon OPEN-ASevern Valley Rly (813)
GW 98480PBA 58194O188681921 10t 5pl Open Wagon OPEN-ASevern Valley Rly (813)
99766   1902 Brecon & Merthyr 4pl openSevern Valley Rly (813)
GW 99965023308O198711927 4pl lwb Open Wagon OPEN-CSevern Valley Rly (813)
W 100377 ?8821953 Shunters truck (ex V14)GWS, Didcot
DW 100667 T1213131938 10t Sleeper WagonDean Forest Rly Norchard
DW 100677 T1213131938 10t Sleeper WagonBluebell Rly
W 100678 T1213131938 10t Sleeper wagonWest Somerset Rly
W 100682DW 100682, 91200T1213131938 10t Sleeper WagonGWS, Didcot
DW 100684 T1213131938 10t Sleeper WagonESR Cranmore
DW 100713 T1314351942 10t Sleeper WagonMid-Hants Rly
GW 101720 V149111924 12t Ventilated Van MINK-AGWS, Didcot
GW 101836 V149111925 12t Ventilated Van MINK-AGWS, Didcot
GW 101961DW 150066V148961923 12t Ventilated Van MINK-ASevern Valley Rly (813)
W 102691 O229121924 10t 5pl Open Wagon OPEN-BSevern Valley Rly (813)
W 102776 O22   10t 5pl Open Wagon OPEN-BSouth Devon Rly Buckfastleigh
DW 103310 ?   Match wagon crane 2524North Yorks Moors
W 103592 V149011925 10t Ventilates Van MINK-ASevern Valley Rly (813)
W 103686 V14?  12t Ventilated Van MINK-AKESR
GW 103966 V14?  12t Ventilated Van MINK-APontypool & Blaenavon Rly
W 103999064754V14?1926 12t Ventilated Van MINK-ABodmin
W 104040064723V189191923 12t Ventilated Van MINK-ADean Forest Rly
DW 104621 V189201923 10t Ventilated Van MINKSevern Valley Rly (813)
W 104670 V189201923 10t Ventilated Van MINKSwanage Rly
W 104700 V189201930 10t Ventilated Van MINKSouth Devon Rly Buckfastleigh
W 105045080719V189201924 12t Ventilated Van MINKFawley Hill Rly
W 105493 Z39351924 Gunpowder Van CONEWest Somerset Rly (813)
W 105521 Y129431925 10t Banana Van FRUIT-B (ex Y4)Shackerstone
W 105571 Y710541929 10t Banana Van FRUIT-BGWS, Didcot
W 105599 Y710541929 10t Banana Van FRUIT-BGWS, Didcot
W 105565 Y710541929 10t Banana Van FRUIT-BW Sussex (813)
W 105658 Y710541929 10t Banana Van FRUIT-BSouth Devon Rly
W 105742 G3112241936 Motor Car Van MOGOGWS, Didcot
w 105777 Z413461939 7t Gunpowder Van CONEBRC Quainton Road
W 105781 Z413461939 7t Gunpowder Van CONEGWS Didcot
W 105860 X89211926 Meat Van MICA-BGWS, Didcot (813)
W 105873 X810351921 Meat Van MICA-BSevern Valley Rly (813)
W 105916 X810351921 Meat Van MICA-BAvon Valley Rly (813)
W 105928 X810351921 Meat Van MICA-BDean Forest Rly, Lydney
W 105986 X810351921 Meat Van MICA-BGWS, Didcot
GW 107291 J2111691935 30t Bogie Bolster MACAWSevern Valley Rly
W 108085 O22?1926 12t 5pl Open Wagon OPEN-BSevern Valley Rly (813)
W 108207 O229291925 12t 5pl Open Wagon OPEN-Bex West Somerset Rly now South Devon Rly
W 108246 O22   12t 5pl Open wagon OPEN-BNRM York
W 108712071204O22   12t 5pl Open Wagon OPEN-AGWS, Didcot Toddington
W 108774071???O22   12t 5pl Open Wagon OPEN-AGWS, Didcot Toddington
W 112798 V26   12t Ventilated Van PARTOMRC Butterley (grounded)
W 11283502432V2210671930 20t Ventilated Van MINK-GNorth York Moors
W 112843 V2210671931 20t Ventilated Van MINK-GGWS, Didcot
W 112857070848V2210671931 20t Ventilated Van MINK-GDean Forest Rly, Lydney
W 112884 V2210671931 20t Ventilated Van MINK-GNRM, York
W 113134 O24?  12t 5pl Open Wagon OPENGwili Rly
W 113386 O24?1924 12t 5pl Open Wagon OPENGwili Rly
W 116594116954G2610591930 12t Van ASMOGWS, Didcot (no body)
W 117993 O2910431933 12t 5pl Open Wagon OPENGWS, Didcot (813)
GW 118904 O29?1931 12t 5pl Open Wagon OPENWest Somerset Rly
W 119335 O29   12t 5pl Open Wagon OPENex Steamport, now ?
119339 O29 1931 12t 5pl Open Wagon OPENLlangollen
ADW 123266061053V24?1933 12t Ventilated Van MINK-AWheel Martyn Museum
124148 O32?1936 12t 5pl Open Wagon OPENNorth Norfolk Rly
W 124589 V2411401934 12t Ventilated Van MINK-AGWS, Didcot Toddington
W 125059 V24?  12t Ventilated Van MINK-ASevern Valley Rly
W 125814 V26 ? 1939 12t Ventilated Van MINK-BSouth Devon Rly Buckfastleigh
W 126348 G3111681934 12t Motor Car Van MOGOTyseley
W 126359 G3111681934 12t Motor Car Van MOGOSouth Devon Rly (813)
W 126438 G3111781935 12t Motor Car Van MOGONRM York
GW 126779 V2311991936 12t Ventilated Van MINK-AWest Somerset Rly (813)
W 126984 G3112101936 12t Motor Car Van MOGOTyseley
GW 127565 O3211641935 12t 5pl Open Wagon OPENFawley Hill Rly
GW 130554130544?O32?1933 13t 5pl Open Wagon OPENDean Forest Rly
W 134290 Y812701937 12t Fruit Van FRUIT-ASevern Valley Rly
GW 135744 O3212651937 10t 5pl Open Wagon OPENWset Somerset Rly, Lydney
GW 137696 O3213611946 12t 5pl Open Wagon (ex E4 Propeller Wagon of 1938) (813)West Somerset Rly (813)
GW 138672 O32?  13t 5pl Open Wagon OPENDean Forest Rly, Lydney
GW 139760 V2313611940 12t Ventilated Van MINK-AWest Somerset Rly (813)
DW 141887 V24?  12t Ventilated Van MINK-AGCR Loughborough
W 142096 V2414111941 12t Ventilated Van MINK-ALakeside & Haverthwaite
W 142097 V24?  12t Ventilated Van MINK-ALakeside & Haverthwaite
W 142594 V2413801940 12t Ventilated VanGWS, Didcot Toddington
W 143645 O37?  13t 6pl Open Wagon OPENWheel Martyn Museum
DW 143698 O37?  13t 6pl Open Wagon OPENNRM York
W 144878 V3514301942 12t Ventilated Van VANShackerstone
DW 145428 V3414311944 12t Ventilated Van VANGWS, Didcot (813)
DW 146366 ?   12t Ventilated vanGWS, Didcot
W 146460083038    12t Ventilated VanBodmin
W 148084 O3914931945 13t 6pl Open Wagon HIGH???
?204988?   Gunpowder wagonMid Hants, Ropley (cutup?)
?ADW 278507    ? S&T Van (ex MINK-D)Dean Forest
B 743226 1/05132961960 China Clay?
B 743249 1/05132961960 China ClayPontypool & Blaenavon Rly
B 743290 1/05132961960 China ClayPontypool & Blaenavon Rly
B 743404 1/05132961960 China ClayPontypool & Blaenavon Rly
B 743415 1/05132961960 China Clay?
B 743635 1/05132961960 China Clay?
B 743755 1/05132961960 China ClayLlangollen Rly
B 743773 1/05132961960 China ClayLlangollen Rly
B 743823 1/05132961960 China Clay?
B 743836 1/05132961960 China ClayPontypool & Blaenavon Rly
B 891988 1/35220861950 Cattle WagonNene Valley Ralway
B 892186 1/35221261950 Cattle Wagon 
W 17293 AA2013831943 20t Brake Van TOADNorthampton & Lamport Rly
W 17294 AA20 1943 20t Brake Van TOADDean Forest Rly
W 17295 AA20   20t Brake Van TOADNorthampton Steam Rly
W 17391 AA2113701939 20t Brake Van TOADBristol Industrial Museum, Bristol
DW 17392 AA21   20t Brake Van TOADTanfield Rly
DW 17399 AA21   20t Brake Van TOADSwansea Vale Rly
DW 17407 AA2113701940 20t Brake Van TOAD-ALlangollen
DW 17410 AA2113701940 20t Brake Van TOAD-ASevern Valley Rly
W 17424 AA21 1940 20t Brake Van TOADChinnor
DW 17428 AA21 1940 20t Brake Van TOADWallingford
W 17436 AA21   20t Brake Van TOADColne Valley
DW 17447 AA2113701942 20t Brake Van TOAD-AGWS Didcot
DW 17448 AA21   20t Brake Van TOADEast Lancs Rly
GW 17453 AA21   20t Brake Van TOADTelford
DW 17455 AA21   20t Brake Van TOADLavendar Line
DW 17464 AA21   20t Brake Van TOADex Peak Rail, Darley Dale. Currently ?
W 17488 AA21   20t Brake Van TOADSouthall
DW 17639 AA2 1902 25t Brake Van TOADSwindon & Cricklade (Pooley van)
DW 17711 AA2 1902 25t Brake Van TOAD???
DW 17716 AA25491907 Mess Van ex-TOADFawley Hill Rly
W 17861 AA137791914 20t Brake Van TOADex WSR, now Swanage Rly
DW 17898 AA13 1914 20t Brake Van TOADex KWVR, now East Anglia Rly Museum
W 17908 AA13   20t Brake Van TOADBluebell Rly
W 17931 AA13   20t Brake Van TOADDean Forest Rly
W 17952 AA13   20t Brake Van TOADRutland Rly Museum
W 35234 AA23   20t Brake Van TOADEast Somerset Railway
DW 35251 AA23   20t Brake Van TOADChasewater Rly, Brownhills
W 35266 AA23   20t Brake Van TOADSwindon & Cricklade Rly, Blunsdon
DW 35267 AA23   20t Brake Van TOADLong Marston
W 35274 AA23   20t Brake Van TOADEden Valley Rly, Warcop
DW 35302 AA23   20t Brake Van TOADSwindon & Cricklade, Blunsdon
DW 35342 AA23   20t Brake Van TOADGloucester Docks Museum
DW 35357 AA23 1948 20t Brake Van TOADGlos Warwks Rly Toddington
DW 35380 AA23?1949 20t Brake Van TOADGwili Rly
GW 35403 AA2314971949 20t Brake Van TOADBarrow Hill
GW 35413 AA2314971949 20t Brake Van TOADEast Somerset Railway
GW 35420 AA23   20t Brake Van TOADSouth Devon Rly, Buckfastleigh
DW 35929 AA23   20t Brake Van TOADGwili Rly
W 35831 AA23   20t Brake Van TOADGlos Warwks Rly Toddington
W 35883 AA2314321944 20t Brake Van TOADChinnor
W 35907 AA2314321944 20t Brake Van TOADMid-Hants, Ropley
W 35923 AA23   20t Brake Van TOADYeovil Steam Centre
DW 35938 AA2314511943 20t Brake Van TOADTyseley
W 35959 AA23   20t Brake Van TOADEast Lancs Rly
DW 35978 AA23 1946 20t Brake Van TOADGwili Rly
W 56096W 14610AA3   16t Brake van TOADConway Valley Museum, Bettw-y-Coed
W 56100 AA3   16t Brake van TOADGWS, Didcot
W 56328 AA3   16t Brake van TOADMangapps Farm, Essex
W 56335 AA3   16t Brake van TOADDean Forest Rly, Lydney
DW 56400 AA32681899 16t Brake Van TOADGWS, Didcot
56518 AA13   20t Brake Van TOADNational Railway Museuum
W 56550 AA13   20t Brake Van TOADFoxfield Rly
DW 56631 AA138401918 Mess van ex TOADWest Somerset Rly
W 56769 AA15   20t Brake Van TOADDean Forest Rly, Lydney
DW 56835 AA2   25t Brake VanDean Forest Rly, Lydney
DW 68479 AA23   20t Brake Van TOADSouth Devon Rly, Buckfastleigh
DW 68480 AA2314701947 20t Brake Van TOADDean Forest, Lydney
W 68500 AA15 1925 20t Brake Van TOADGreat Central Rly (N), Ruddington
W 68501 AA15 1925 20t Brake Van TOADSevern Valley Rly (813)
W 68564OI2AA159321926 20t Brake Van TOADFawley Hill Rly
W 68642 AA15 1923 20t Brake Van TOADQuainton Rd, Bucks
W 68669 AA15   20t Brake Van TOADSevern Valley Rly, Llangollen ?
GW 68684 AA159101924 20t Brake Van TOADGWS, Didcot
DW 68765 AA20 1942 20t Brake Van TOAD (Oxley Sidings)West Somerset Rly (813)
W 68766 AA2012771939 20t Brake Van TOADQuainton Road, Bucks
DW 68776 AA20   20t Brake Van TOADex Caerphilly, now ?
GW 68777 AA2012771939 20t Brake Van TOADSouth Devon Rly, Buckfastleigh
DW 68784 AA20   20t Brake Van TOADAvon Valley, Bitton
DW 68786 AA2012771939 20t Brake Van TOADBodmin & Wenford Rly
DW 68845 AA20 1942 20t Brake Van TOADSwindon & Cricklade
DW 68900 AA20   20t Brake Van TOADEmbsay Steam Rly
DW 114762 AA20   20t Brake Van TOADSwansea Valley Rly
GW 950592 1/50220991949 20t Brake Van TOADGWS, Didcot
Unknown details
      Shunters TruckVale of Glamorgan Rly
DW107110     Crane Match Truck (Crane DRA81549) ex MACAW-HGCR
 PBA58083    5pl Open Wagon (ex PBA)Fawley Hill Rly
 PBA58137    5pl Open WagonFawley Hill Rly
 PBA59343    5pl Open WagonFawley Hill Rly
 PBA59521    5pl Open WagonFawley Hill Rly
 PBA59645    5pl Open WagonFawley Hill Rly

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