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This is an unofficial list of booked steam locomotive light engine and ecs movements over Network Rail lines during 2011. The information is provided in good faith, but is NOT comprehensive and is not guaranteed accurate ! Such movements quite often run at different times from those booked. Note that light engine and support coach moves on the same day as a related railtour will normally appear on railtour times page. No responsibility is accepted for any errors or omissions.

Comments, updates, corrections (or criticism) are very welcome. Please send by email to: webmaster at or by Fax to 0845-5577206. A very special thanks to all those who have contributed information - especially details of planned tours, train times, and updates on main line locomotives. Please keep sending it !

Note: The movements of some locomotives may not be disclosed until after the event at the request of the loco owners or operators.
Note: Please do NOT contact train operators for further details on loco movements. It causes unneccessary additional work for staff and is not welcome.

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Current loco locations

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     Date      Route Notes
Week 01
Wed 05-Jan 1: London Waterloo-Southall [Times]
[GNR no 1, not in steam]
Sat 08-Jan    
Week 02
Sat 15-Jan    
Week 03
Sat 22-Jan    
Week 04
Sat 29-Jan    
Week 05
Sat 05-Feb    
Week 06
Tue 08-Feb 34067: Carnforth-Hellifield-Blackburn-Carnforth [Times]
[Loaded test run, shown retrospectively by request]
Wed 09-Feb 44871: Bury ELR-Carnforth-Keighley KWVR [Times]
[Ran via Shipley due to points failure at Keighley]
Thu 10-Feb 44871: Keighley-Skipton-Shipley-Keighley
[Turning move]
Thu 10-Feb 34067: Carnforth-Southall [Times] [CANCELLED]
[Cancelled - ECS ran diesel hauled]
Thu 10-Feb 34067: Carnforth-Hellifield-Blackburn-Carnforth [Times]
[Test run, shown retrospectively by request]
Week 07
Mon 14-Feb 44871: Keighley KWVR-Bury ELR [Times] E+C
Week 08
Sat 26-Feb    
Week 09
Mon 28-Feb 34067: Carnforth-Southall (provisional) [Times] E+C
Thu 03-Mar 71000: Bury (ELR)-Hither Green [Times] D+E+C
Fri 04-Mar 44871: Bury (ELR)-Neville Hill [Times] E+C
Sun 06-Mar 44871: Neville Hill-Bury (ELR) [Times] E+C
Week 10
Sat 12-Mar    
Week 11
Mon 14-Mar 70000: Crewe-Chester-Crewe [Times]   
[Light test run]
Wed 16-Mar 70000: Crewe-Chester-Hereford-Bristol [Times]    
70000: Bristol-Bishops Lydeard (WSR)
[Loaded test run]
Wed 16-Mar 44932: Southall-Carnforth [Times]   
Thu 17-Mar 46201: Tyseley-Stratford (twice) [Times]   
Fri 18-Mar 34067: Carnforth-Southall [Times]    E+C
Week 12
Mon 21-Mar 6024: Bristol Barton Hill-Ropley (MHR) [CANCELLED] E+C
Mon 21-Mar 6024: Bristol Barton Hill-Bishops Lydeard (WSR) [Times]    E+C
Fri 25-Mar 46201: Tyseley LW-Crewe HC [Times]    E+C
Week 13
Fri 01-Apr 34067: Southall-Barnetby [Times] [CANCELLED]
[34067 unavailable]
Fri 01-Apr 44871: Bury-Barnetby [Times]    E+C
Week 14
Mon 04-Apr 34067: Barnetby-Southall [Times] [CANCELLED]
[34067 unavailable]
Tue 05-Apr 6024+70000: Bishops Lydeard (WSR)-Didcot (GWS) [Times]   
70000: Didcot-Southall
Wed 06-Apr 61994: Crewe-Thornton TC [Times]    E+C
Week 15
Tue 12-Apr 60019: Southall-Didcot-Southall    E+C
Thu 14-Apr 34067: Connington-Southall (provisional)    E+C
Fri 15-Apr 46201: Tyseley-Southall [Times]    E+C
Sat 16-Apr 46115: Carnforth-Edinburgh Joppa [Times]    E+C
Sat 16-Apr 44871+45407: Bury-Inverness [Times]    2E+C
Sun 17-Apr 44871+45407: Inverness Yard-Georgemas Jc [Times]    2E+C
Sun 17-Apr 61994: Thornton TC-Inverness Yard [Times]    E+C
Week 16
Wed 20-Apr 46115: Inverness-Cadder Yard [Times]    E+C
Thu 21-Apr 44871+45407: Cadder Yard-Grosmont (NYMR) [Times]    2E+C
Thu 21-Apr 5029: Tyseley LW-Carnforth [Times]    E+C
Fri 22-Apr 45305+70013: Southall-Bristol [Times]    2E+C
Fri 22-Apr 61994: Inverness-Thornton TC [Times] [CANCELLED]   
[61994 moved with 46115 on 20-Apr]
Sat 23-Apr 5029: Tyseley LW-Bristol Barton Hill [CANCELLED] E+C
Week 17
Mon 25-Apr 60007: Bo'ness-Grosmont (NYMR) [Times]    E+C
Tue 26-Apr 71000: Bury (ELR)-Grosmont (NYMR) (provisional)    D+E+C
Thu 28-Apr 45231: Carnforth-Hellifield-Carnforth [Times]    E+C
Fri 29-Apr 45305+70013: St Blazey-Penzance [Times]    2E+C
Sat 30-Apr 6024: Didcot (GWS)-Margam Yard [Times]    E+C
Week 18
Fri 06-May 70000 34067: Southall-Carnforth [Times] [CANCELLED]    E+C
Fri 06-May 46115: Carnforth-York [Times] [CANCELLED]    E+C
Sat 07-May 46201: York NRM-Tyseley LW [Times]    E+C
Sat 07-May 45231: Carnforth-Thornton [Times]   
[45231 failed near Carlisle]
Sat 07-May 45231+61994: Thornton-Stirling [Times]    E+C
Sun 08-May 45231: Carlisle-Carnforth    E+C
Week 19
Mon 09-May 44871: Grosmont-Fort William [Times]    E+C
Tue 10-May 46115: Carnforth-Cadder Yard [Times]    E+C
Tue 10-May 71000: Grosmont (NYMR)-York (NRM) (provisional)    D+E+C
Wed 11-May 44871+45407: Grosmont (NYMR)-Carnforth [Times]    xE+C
Wed 11-May 44871: Cadder Yard-Carnforth [Times]    E+C
Wed 11-May 70000: Carnforth-York [CANCELLED]    E+C
Thu 12-May 45231: Carnforth-Hellifield-Preston-Carnforth    E+C
Fri 13-May 70013: Southall-Swanage [Times]    E+C
Fri 13-May 45231: Carnforth-Stirling [Times]    E+C
Fri 13-May 61994: Thornton-Stirling
45231+61994: Stirling-Boness SRPS [Times]   
Sat 14-May 44871+45407: Southall-High Wycombe-Kidderminster SVR [Times]    2E+C
Week 20
Tue 17-May 5972: York NRM-Shildon [Times] [CANCELLED]    E+C
Tue 17-May 60019: York NRM-Southall [Times]    E+C
Wed 18-May 60163: York-Scarborough-York (Twice) [Times]    E+C
Fri 20-May 5972: York NRM-Shildon [Times]    LE
Fri 20-May 48151: Carnforth-Crewe-Shrewsbury [Times]    E+C
Sun 22-May 48151: Shrewsbury-Wrexham-Carnforth [Times]    E+C
Week 21
Mon 23-May 44871+45407: Kidderminster (SVR)-Grosmont (NYMR) Bury (ELR) [Times]    2E+2C
Mon 23-May 71000: Crewe-Bristol
[Added retrospectively]
Tue 24-May 70000: Southall-Chertsey-Southall [Times]   
[Test run]
Wed 25-May 60163: York-Grosmont   
[Delayed by cable theft nr Eaglescliffe, arrived Grosmont Thu 26-May]
Fri 27-May 45407: Bury-Grosmont [Times]    E+C
Sat 28-May 70000: Southall-Bishops Lydeard [Times]    E+C
Week 22
Tue 31-May 44871: Bury-Fort William [Times]    E+C
Week 23
Mon 06-Jun 70000: Bishops Lydeard-Southall [CANCELLED]    E+C
Wed 08-Jun 60163: Grosmont-Tyne Yard-Carlisle-Crewe [Times]    E+C/E+ECS+D
Thu 09-Jun 60163: Crewe-Didcot    E+C
Fri 10-Jun 34067: Southall-Poole [Times]    D+ECS+E
Sun 12-Jun 34067: Poole-Southall    D+ECS+E
Week 24
Sat 18-Jun 48151: Carnforth-Southall [Times]    E+C
Sat 18-Jun 48151: Southall-Alton [Times]    D+ECS+E
Sun 19-Jun 60163: Didcot GWS-Bishops Lydeard WSR [Times]    E+C
Week 25
Thu 23-Jun 35028: Stewarts Lane-circular
[Test run - added retrospectively]
Fri 24-Jun 70013: Southall-Tyseley [CANCELLED]    E+C
Week 26
Mon 27-Jun 45305: Swanage-Hereford-Crewe [Times]    E+C
Wed 29-Jun 48151: Southall-Salisbury-Swanage [Times]    E+C
Sat 02-Jul 60163: Bishops Lydeard-Bristol    E+C
Sun 03-Jul 45305: Preston-Crewe HC [Times]    E+C
Week 27
Mon 04-Jul 34067: Southall-Yeovil Jc [Times] [CANCELLED]    E+C
Tue 05-Jul 45231: Fort William-Dumbarton [Times]    [Corrected date] E+C
Thu 07-Jul 4936: Tyseley-Stratford-Tyseley (twice) [Times]    E+C
Sat 09-Jul 5029: Tyseley-Bristol [Times]   
[Now rerouted via Cheltenham not Oxford]
[Diverted via Kemble, Swindon and Bath, not Yate and Bristol Parkway]
Sun 10-Jul 48151: Yeovil Jc-Carnforth [Times]    E+C
Week 28
Mon 11-Jul 44871+45407: Grosmont (NYMR)-Bury (ELR) [Times]    E+C
Mon 11-Jul 70000: Bishops Lydeard WSR-Exeter-Yeovil Jc [Times]    E+C
Wed 13-Jul 70000: Southall-Three Bridges-Newhaven Marine [Times]   
[Now to Three Bridges vice Newhaven due to gauging issues]
Week 29
Mon 18-Jul 45407: Bury (ELR)-York NRM [Times]    E+C
Tue 19-Jul 5972 (+60022): Shildon NRM-York NRM (Provisional) [Times]    E+C
Wed 20-Jul 71000: Bristol-Bishops Lydeard WSR    D+E+C
Thu 21-Jul 70013 34067: Southall-Crewe HC [Times]    E+C
Week 30
Wed 27-Jul 70000: Yeovil Jc-Salisbury [Times]    E+C
Thu 28-Jul 44932: Carnforth-Hellifield-Preston-Carnforth [Times]   
[Added retrospectively by request]
Thu 28-Jul 70000: Salisbury-Eastleigh    E+C
Fri 29-Jul 46115: Carnforth-York [Times]    xE+ECS
Fri 29-Jul 45407: York-Fort William [Times]    E+C
Fri 29-Jul 46201: Tyseley-Crewe [Times]    E+C
Sat 30-Jul 34067: Crewe-Bristol [Times]    E+C
Sat 30-Jul 61994: Fort William-Carlisle [Times]   
[Rerouted after Springburn to Thornton TC vice Carlisle]
Sun 31-Jul 61994: Carlisle-Grosmont [Times] [CANCELLED]    E+C
Week 31
Mon 01-Aug 60163: Bristol-Southall LS [Times]    E+C
Mon 01-Aug 34067: Bristol-Yeovil Jc [Times]    E+C
Mon 01-Aug 6024: Bristol-Newport-Bristol [Times]    E+C+D
Fri 05-Aug 70013: Southall-Crewe [Times]    E+C
Fri 05-Aug 44932: Carnforth-York    LE
Sat 06-Aug 46115: York-Carnforth    E+C
Week 32
Wed 10-Aug 35005: Alton-Eastleigh [Times] [CANCELLED]   
[35005 dead in tow behind a diesel]
Fri 12-Aug 61994: Thornton TC-Fort William [CANCELLED]    E+C
Week 33
Mon 15-Aug 61994: Thornton TC-Craigentinny [Times]    D+E+C
Tue 16-Aug 61994: Craigentinny-Thornton TC [Times] [POSTPONED]    D+E+C
Tue 16-Aug 46115: Carnforth-York    E+ECS
Wed 17-Aug 44932: York-Carnforth    E+C
Thu 18-Aug 61994: Craigentinny-Thornton TC    D+E+C
Thu 18-Aug 60163: Southall-Bishops Lydeard WSR [Times]    E+C
Thu 18-Aug 46115: York-Carnforth    D+E+C
Fri 19-Aug 71000: Bishops Lydeard WSR-Bristol    E+C
Fri 19-Aug 70000: Westbury-Southall    D+E+C
Sat 20-Aug 45231: Fort William-Boness [Times]   
[Revised date]
Week 34
Mon 22-Aug 45231: Boness-Fort William [CANCELLED]    E+C
Fri 26-Aug 4936: Tyseley-Wansford NVR [Times] [POSTPONED to Fri 02-Sep]   
[Postponed following freight train derailment at Bordesley Jc]
Sat 27-Aug 34067: Yeovil Jc-Bristol [Times]    E+C
Sat 27-Aug 45231: Boness-Carnforth   
[Added retrospectively !]
Sun 28-Aug 70013: Crewe-York [POSTPONED to 29-Aug]    E+C
Week 35
Mon 29-Aug 34067: Bristol-Yeovil Jc [Times]    E+C
Mon 29-Aug 70013: Crewe-York    E+C
Tue 30-Aug 44932: York-Carnforth    E+C
Wed 31-Aug 45305: Crewe-Sheringham (NNR) [Times]    E+C
Thu 01-Sep 60019: Eastleigh-Swanage [Times]    E+C
Fri 02-Sep 30777+70013: York-Southall [Times]   
[Move terminated at Newark following lineside fires]
Fri 02-Sep 4936: Tyseley-Wansford NVR [Times]    E+C
Sat 03-Sep 70013: Newark-Southall [Times]    D+E+2C
Sat 03-Sep 34067+70000: Southall-Greenford-Southall [Times]    2LE
Week 36
Mon 05-Sep 71000: Bristol-Fletton (NVR) [Times]    E+C
Thu 08-Sep 60163: Bishops Lydeard (WSR)-Southall [Times]    E+C
Thu 08-Sep 34067: Bishops Lydeard (WSR)-Carnforth [Times]    D+E+C
Sat 10-Sep 44871+45407: Fort William-Crianlarich [Times]    2E+C
Sat 10-Sep 45407: Crianlarich-Glasgow [Times]    E+C
Sat 10-Sep 46201: Crewe-York [Times]    E+C
Sun 11-Sep 44932: Cadder Yard-Carnforth [Times]    E+C
Week 37
Mon 12-Sep 5029: Bristol-Bishops Lydeard (WSR) (provisional) [CANCELLED]   
[Move took place Sun evening 11/09]
Tue 13-Sep 60019: Swanage-Eastleigh [Times]    E+C
Thu 15-Sep 60019: Eastleigh-Southall [Times]    E+C
Fri 16-Sep 45407: Carnforth-Fort Wiliam [Times]    E+C
Fri 16-Sep 60163: Southall-Barrow Hill [Times]    E+C
Week 38
Mon 19-Sep 5029: Bishops Lydeard WSR-Bristol
5029+ 6024: Bristol-Kidderminster (SVR) [Times]   
Mon 19-Sep 45305: Sheringham NNR-York [Times]    E+C
Tue 20-Sep 60163: Barrow Hill-Crewe [Times]    E+C
Thu 22-Sep 60163: Crewe-Kidderminster SVR [Times]    E+C
Thu 22-Sep 46115+48151: Carnforth-York NRM [Times]    2E+2C
Thu 22-Sep 70013: Southall-Crewe-York NRM [Times] [CANCELLED]    E+2C
Thu 22-Sep 35005: Alton-Eastleigh [Times]    D+E+C
Week 39
Mon 26-Sep 46201: York-Tyseley [Times]    E+C
Mon 26-Sep 46115: York NRM-Carnforth [Times]    E+D+ECS
Mon 26-Sep 34067: Carnforth-Southall [Times]   
[Corrected date]
Tue 27-Sep 70000: Bishops Lydeard WSR-Eastleigh [Times]    E+C
Tue 27-Sep 4936: Fletton-Tyseley [Times]    LE
Wed 28-Sep 60163: Kidderminster-Stewarts Lane [Times]    E+C
Fri 30-Sep 60163: Stewarts Lane-Bedford-Barrow Hill [Times]    E+C
Week 40
Thu 06-Oct 70000: Eastleigh-Southall [Times]    E+C
Sun 09-Oct 46115+48151: York NRM-Carnforth [Times]    2E+2C
Week 41
Mon 10-Oct 60163: Barrow Hill-Stewarts Lane [Times] [POSTPONED to 11-Oct]    E+C
Tue 11-Oct 60163: Barrow Hill-Stewarts Lane [Times] [CANCELLED]    E+C
Fri 14-Oct 34067: Southall-Swanage [Times]    E+C
Week 42
Mon 17-Oct 71000: Fletton NVR-Bury ELR [Times] [CANCELLED]    E+C
Wed 19-Oct 60163: Barrow Hill-Southall [Times]    E+C
Thu 20-Oct 60163+60019+70000: Southall-Ropley MHR [Times]    3E+2C
Thu 20-Oct 45231: Carnforth-Bury (ELR) [Times]    E+C
Fri 21-Oct 6024: Kidderminster SVR-Westbury Bristol [Times]    E+C
Fri 21-Oct 70013: Swanage SR-Westbury Bristol [Times]    E+C
Week 43
Mon 24-Oct 71000: Fletton NVR-Bury ELR [Times]    E+C
Fri 28-Oct 61994: Thornton-Fort William [Times]   
[Added retrospectively by request]
Week 44
Mon 31-Oct 44871+45407: Fort William-Carnforth [Times]   
[Shown retrospectively by request]
Tue 01-Nov 61994: Fort William-Carnforth [Times]    E+C
Sun 06-Nov 44871+45407: Carnforth-Bury ELR [Times]    2E+C
Week 45
Wed 09-Nov 60163+60019: Ropley-Southall [Times]    2E+C
Thu 10-Nov 5029: Bishops Lydeard-Tyseley [Times]    E+C
Thu 10-Nov 7752: Tyseley-Stratford-Tyseley (Twice) [Times]   
[Light and loaded test runs]
[Now with passengers - see tours page]
Fri 11-Nov 46201: Tyseley LW-Crewe HC [Times]    E+C
Week 46
Wed 16-Nov 44932: Carnforth-Hellifield-Carnforth [Times]    E+C
Week 47
Mon 21-Nov 35028: Stewarts Lane-Willesden-Stewarts Lane (Provisional) [Times]    E+C
Thu 24-Nov 60019: Southall-Crewe-Newcastle [Times] [CANCELLED]    E+C
Fri 25-Nov 34067: Southall-Swanage [Times] [CANCELLED] D+E+ECS ?
Fri 25-Nov 34067: Swanage-Eastleigh-Swanage [Times]    LE
Week 48
Mon 28-Nov 6024: Bristol Barton Hill-Southall [Times]    E+C
Mon 28-Nov 34067: Swanage-Southall [Times]    D+E+ECS ?
Tue 29-Nov 70000: Ropley-Southall [Times]    E+C
Tue 29-Nov 60019: Southall-Eastleigh [Times]    E+C
Thu 01-Dec 60019: Eastleigh-Southall [Times] [CANCELLED]    E+C
Week 49
Tue 06-Dec 60019: Southall-Eastleigh [CANCELLED]    E+C
Wed 07-Dec 61994: Carnforth-Crewe [Times]    E+C
Thu 08-Dec 60019: Eastleigh-Southall [Times]    E+C
Fri 09-Dec 70013: Ely-Southall [Times] [CANCELLED]    D?+E+ECS
Fri 09-Dec 46201: Tyseley-Crewe [Times]    E+C
Sun 11-Dec 70000: Southall-Didcot-Crewe [Times]   
[Called at GWS Didcot then ran to revised schedule]
Week 50
Mon 12-Dec 46201: Crewe-Tyseley [Times]    E+C
Wed 14-Dec 60019: Southall-Norwich [Times]    D+E+ECS ?
Fri 16-Dec 60019: Ely-Southall [Times] [CANCELLED]    E+C
Sun 18-Dec 60163: Dollands Moor-Eastleigh [Times]    D+E+ECS
Week 51
Mon 19-Dec 60019: Hornsey-Southall    D+E+ECS
Sat 24-Dec    
Week 52
Sat 31-Dec 60163: Southall-Ropley MHR updated (30/12) E+C

Locations of currently operational main line locos at 31-Dec

Site          Locos
Southall 6024, 34067, 60019, 60163
Stewarts Lane 35028
Didcot --
Mid Hants Rly --
Eastleigh --
Swanage Rly --
Yeovil Jc --
West Somerset Rly --
Bristol --
North Norflok Rly --
Nene Valley Rly --
Tyseley 4936, 4965, 5029, 5043, 7752, 9600, 46201
Severn Valley Rly --
Crewe 61994, 70000
Bury 44871, 45231, 45407, 71000
Butterley --
Barrow Hill --
Carnforth 44932, 46115, 48151
York NRM 45305
Shildon NRM --
Thornton --
Boness --
Fort William --
Elsewhere 5972, 9466, 30777, 70013

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